Luxuriant roses growing on arches donated by Classic Garden Elements at the Europa Rosarium Sangerhausen.

Every summer a delight for the eyes: Classic Garden Elements’ extra-slender rose arches at the Europa Rosarium Sangerhausen. Covered by the flexible canes of rambler roses, the arch’s metal frames disappear completely behind a sea of blossoms for several weeks of the year. We are grateful to Dorothea Paulat for providing the photo.

There is music in the air as an ‘Amadeus’ climbing rose scales a Classic Garden Elements Victorian Rose Arch.

Like the music of Mozart, Austria’s most famous composer, the repeat-blooming ‘Amadeus’ climbing rose (Kordes, 2003) exerts its own special fascination. Blood-red, half-filled blooms growing in umbels impress the viewer even from a distance. In Sparrieshoop, in the gardens of the Kordes rose-breeder family, this ‘Amadeus’, one of the world’s most frequently photographed roses, has […]

The once-flowering Rosa sempervirens-Hybrid ‘Adélaide d’Orléans’ (Jacques, 1826) growing on a trellis arch at the Rosarium Glücksburg.

In a very short time, the once-flowering Rosa sempervirens-Hybrid ‘Adélaide d’Orléans’ (Jacques, 1826) will wrap every rose arch in its soft embrace. In this image taken by Leif to Baben at the Rosarium Glücksburg, it has come into bloom on a Classic Garden Elements ‘Bagatelle’ rose arch. Famous English rosarian David Austin writes about ‘Adélaide […]

………a rose is a rose is a rose…….Roses, Roses, Roses!

Can there be any more stunning way to display the Queen of flowers than on a trellis arch? Densely woven blooms and foliage take centre stage, while their seductive fragrance erupts into the surrounding air. We are indebted to Roland Marquart from the Rosarium in Baden-Baden for this image.